2013: Harvest

Life in the 1960s for older lesbians and gay men before the Wolfenden Act was passed and homosexuality became legal. In partnership with Age UK, this 40 minute discussion raising show toured to Opening Doors older LGBT groups.

2012: Do the Business

Set in 2008 and 2012, this 3-hander looks at relationships, work, love and what really matters as the insanity of the current work ethic threatens to strangle us all.

2012: Speaking Out

Music and sketches about the effects of mental health on families. This musical discussion raising 20 minute show was toured by participants through Islington. With the Mental Wellbeing Champions Project.

2011: The Real Me

Class, gender and sexuality in England in 1951 and now. Jimmy and Albert meet across the class divide in 1951, lose touch, and meet up 60 years later in a residential home.

2010: The Senior Blues

This play was commissioned by NHS Islington as a way of informing older people about the benefits of therapy rather than medication for depression. Made into a film by Loud Minority (DVD available).


2007: Alice

Political pantomine written for Hotpots Senior performers and Green Candle Senior Dancers about the impossibility of life on a pension. With John Northeast. (Spare Tyre).

2007: Pretend Families

Touring show for age 9 – 11 on the secrets children have to keep about their families, particularly their same sex parents (Spare Tyre).

2006: Burning

Burning8Touring show for ages 11-14 on being the coolest bloke in school and discovering you’re gay when you’re 14 (Spare Tyre)

Books & Articles

2014- Bring on the health economists: Time for a rigorous evaluation of senior participative arts- Working with Older People, Volume 18, No.1, 2014 (www.emeraldinsight.com/wwop.htm)

2013- When the singing becomes political- Sounding board, the journal of community music, Issue 4, 2013 (www.soundsense.org)

2013 – Participative Arts: New Families for Older People – Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Report http://goo.gl/f68zJV


2004 – Over the Hill – but look at the view! drama with older people: a “How to” Guide (Age Concern)

1987 – The Spare Tyre Songbook (with Harriet Powell and Katina Noble) (Virago Press)