Clair has been writing issue based songs all her working life. She believes with many political songwriters that music is a way to communicate difficult issues especially if you can use humour to get across your point. Below are some of those songs:


The Bankers are to Blame (on YouTube – see Bolder Voices)
Ain’t Gonna Close our Centres Down (on YouTube – see Bolder Voices)
Hey Mr Boris (on YouTube – see Bolder Voices)
Never Regret Growing Old
Touch Me (on YouTube- see Bolder Voices)
I’m Alive


It’s not the situation, it’s the way that you see it (arr. Dee Griffiths)

Spare Tyre CDs (Vocals by Clair, Harriet Powell and Katina Noble)


1990 – GONE SHOPPING (songs about money and obsession)

Katie Hartzell
Keep Your Head Above Water
Rather be Rich
Cup of Tea
Mass Murderer

1987 – LAUGH LINES (songs about getting old and having children)

Self Made Woman
A Million Billion Lemmings Can’t be Wrong
Cut it/ Grow it
Sitting Round the Table
Contraception Street
You’ve Gotta be Kidding
Woke up the Morning (and I put on two pounds)

1985 – SECOND HELPINGS (songs about marriage and invisibility)

I don’t love you Anymore
You Really are a Failure (if you haven’t got a fella)
Men Are Just Like That
Saturday Night
Gonna Be Some Changes
Macaroons I’m Putting It Off Til I’m Thinner
Hank Wangford

1982 – Eat It If You Want to (songs about compulsive eating and self image)

I’m Gonna be 8 Stone by my Birthday
Gotta Love It
How Do I look?
I want a Mars Bar
He Touched Me There
I’m Slim
Is She Thinner than Me?
Such a Pretty Face
Pattern of my Life